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Name: Kaiping city Hongyou metal products Co., Ltd.

Address: NO.37-6,JinshanDong Road,Shuikou Town,                 KaiPing City,GuangDong Province,China

Telephone: 13828052098


Fax: 0750-2229818


Company profile

Company profile

Kaiping Hongyou Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a design, research and development and production of banana-type bridge construction safety ladder climbing, safety ladder cage and a variety of building scaffolding manufacturers. Our company is located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta: Kaiping City, Guangdong province. The factory is located in No. 37 Jinshan Avenue, Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, with convenient waterway transportation, unique geographical conditions and favorable foreign trade environment.


Mr. Zou Rencai, the chairman of our company, has been engaged in production management, quality system management and sales management in the scaffolding and safety ladder industry for twenty years. It has excellent management ability and practical experience in field management. The company has a variety of advanced production technology, and equipped with dozens of various types of professional production equipment, strong technical force. The company has more than 30 professional production technology and safety management personnel and after-sales service team, and has a professional technical quality management team.



After years of construction practice and continuous reform and innovation, the product quality and performance of the banana bridge construction safety climbing ladder and safety ladder cage produced by our company have been improved greatly. The bridge construction safety channel, which was used only as highway construction and railway construction, extends to subway construction, Fang Jian foundation pit construction, large oil depot and granary and so on. These products have the characteristics of reasonable structure, good stability, strong bearing capacity, convenient installation and management, high construction efficiency, durable, safe and stable and so on. It provides a very safe guarantee for the construction projects of various construction projects, such as the bridge and the subway foundation pit, and is a required construction equipment for the pedestrian passage of the high altitude operation. Because of the advantages of these products in safety, they have been widely used in the construction projects of bridge beams in China, and are deeply loved and favored by the vast majority of the construction units and owners.




Our company's main products are: Banana bridge construction safety climbing ladder, heavy safety ladder cage, banana type safety ladder cage, and various architectural scaffolding series products, including multi-function door scaffolding, steel top scaffolding, disc type scaffolding, "banana" head scaffolding, bowl buckle scaffolding and various kinds of products. Scaffolding accessories: adjustable base, adjustable upper bracket, pedals, building staircase, and steel structure of various series of building support systems.


Our company adheres to the business tenet of quality marketing, personality creation, quality brand building and integrity promoting development. Adhere to: quality first, customer first, enterprising, continuous innovation of business philosophy, all for the sake of the principle of all customers, wholeheartedly for the majority of customers to provide quality products and services.