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Name: Kaiping city Hongyou metal products Co., Ltd.

Address: NO.37-6,JinshanDong Road,Shuikou Town,                 KaiPing City,GuangDong Province,China

Telephone: 13828052098


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Technical team

Technical team

Mr. Zou Rencai, chairman of the company, has been engaged in building scaffolding production management and sales for more than 10 years. The earliest known brand in China: "Yili" scaffolding Co., Ltd. has been engaged in production quality management and quality system management for many years. Own excellent management ability and field production management experience. Today, we have led a group of excellent colleagues who have been engaged in scaffolding production for many years to work together to create the company. The company has a variety of advanced production technology, and equipped with dozens of large and medium-sized professional automation production equipment. Production technology is strong, production workshop has professional production technology and safety management personnel more than 10 people, and has a professional technical quality management team.