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Basic characteristics of ladder


Basic characteristics of ladder

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Glass fiber reinforced thermosetting composites are mainly composed of glass fiber which plays a reinforcing role and thermosetting resin which plays the role of bonding and transferring load. The tensile strength of glass fiber is very high (3450 MPa), its content, length and laying form determine the strength of products. The strength of thermosetting glass fiber reinforced composites can be in the range of 30-1000 MPa. Therefore, we design the dosage, length and laying form of glass fiber according to the stress situation, output, production process and price bearing capacity of the products.

The rigidity of glass fiber reinforced thermosetting composite ladder is twice as high as that of other fiber reinforced materials, and it does not deform even under long-term load.

Glass fiber reinforced thermosetting composite ladder is corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, especially suitable for use in humid, salt fog, acid and weak alkali environment.

Through the embedded installation, it is directly built into the wall, so the positioning is accurate and firm, and the construction is very convenient.

The anti-aging index of products can reach more than 4 grade of national standard, basically satisfying 50 years underground and 20 years on the ground.

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